Tired of wrist pain while using a computer mouse?

just stick it!


What is a squinchi?

squinchi is a device designed to help in reduction of the pain and fatigue in the wrist associated with using a computer mouse or keyboard. It sticks to you using a medical grade, reusable adhesive gel pad.

What does a squinchi do?

squinchi answers the need for a carpal tunnel assist device that does not restrict the range of motion (ROM) of the wrist while switching between a keyboard and mouse.

What’s so amazing about squinchi?

squinchi is easily and quickly applied to and removed from the hand. It goes where your hand goes without cumbersome straps that can get in the way of typing at a keyboard.

How long do the gel pads last?

The gel pads can last for months if properly cared for. This means, not using the gel pad when your hands are greasy or dirty and putting it back into the cover in between use.

Can you use a squinchi if you don’t have CTS or RSI injuries?

The squinchi is PREVENTATIVE and used to relieve pain and fatigue. The purpose is to reduce the stretch on the tendons and comfort and cradle the carpal tunnel region while mousing. 

Has squinchi been tested?

The squinchi has been tested over the past 18 months with random computer users. The results have been less pain and fatigue in the wrist while mousing, allowing the mousing for longer periods.

Will squinchi work with a laptop?

This depends on the amount of surface your laptop has to rest your hands. It is possible for some laptops, however, it is best to have an external mouse or magic track pad to get the most relief out of using your squinchi.

Do you need an ergonomic mouse to use squinchi?

You can use ANY mouse with the squinchi.

Does squinchi get in the way of typing?

The squinchi’s non-cumbersome design makes it easy to move freely between the keyboard and mouse without interfering in function.